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You want the photos of your wedding day to be the most wonderful and romantic images you’ve ever seen, and you’ll want them to be displayed around your home and in an album. You know you’re all going to look amazing and you’ve studied all the best shots, angles and lighting you’ll need – but small details can still ruin an otherwise perfect photograph. Here are some of the little details that you’ll want to avoid:

A messy bridal suite

Whether you’re staying in a luxury hotel or have prepared an attractive space at home to get ready in, don’t allow it to become cluttered. If you’re having your photographer do some ‘getting ready’ shots, then there’s a chance you could have food, drinks, cosmetics, hair products, handbags and all manner of things lying around belonging to you and your bridesmaids. With multiple people getting ready and limited space, without clearing a designated photo space, your bridal suite shots can get very chaotic and messy. Ensure you have a well-lit and clutter-free space for your getting ready shots so your photographer doesn’t waste time clearing rubbish and making beds!

The registrar or vicar in first kiss shot

In the heat of the moment, it’s easy to forget that this shot could involve three people and not the two it should be about! This important, intimate and romantic moment should not be photobombed by the officiant of the proceedings!

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Waiting staff in the background

One of the most-wanted photos for an album is a shot of the reception room before guests arrive. You’ll want a photo that sets the scene and theme of your wedding day, as well as a reminder of the hard work and effort that’s gone into decorating it. What you don’t want is any waiting staff captured in the background. The same goes for bread rolls and butter on the tables. Encourage your photographer to get to the room before the waiting staff!

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Tall table numbers

Try to avoid the temptation to set table numbers into tall flower arrangements, candelabras or any other potentially view-blocking structure! They can ruin table shots and make it difficult to see the bride and groom during speeches and toasts. For an experienced Bournemouth Wedding Photographer, choose Bournemouth Wedding Photographer Nick Rutter.

Mobile Phones

The modern curse of all wedding photographs – the mobile phone! We all have them and yes, we love taking our own photos and uploading everything to social media. However, when we see wedding photos with guests peering at their screens, it looks terrible. When a photographer goes to get that romantic first dance shot, what should be a sea of adoring faces in the background becomes a sea of phones looking back and the flashes of everyone else taking photos. It’s amazing how many people are caught checking their phones throughout dinner as well. Photographers are trying to get great images but continually see the familiar blue tinge lighting up someone’s face! If you can, have a mobile phone free wedding!

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