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Are you a fan of Grand Designs? Would you love to build your own environmentally-friendly home? More and more of us are turning towards self-builds to create the home of our dreams that offers the promise of low energy bills and comfortable living. Here are the 6 top green building trends you need to know to fulfil your dream.

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1. Zero Carbon

For your home to be zero carbon, it needs to balance energy use with energy generation from renewable sources like wind and solar. It’s the ultimate goal for any home builder – after all, who doesn’t want to be able to say they have zero energy bills?

2. Home batteries

If you’re aiming for zero carbon, then you also need domestic storage batteries. Designed to store renewable electricity, they allow you to capture the energy you don’t use instead of selling it back to the grid for a pittance. That ensures you always have the energy you need, even when the sun isn’t shining.

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3. Timber frame construction

This time-honoured building method is gaining new traction in the UK. A timber frame building is much more airtight than a traditional cavity wall construction. You don’t need to make sections overly thick to achieve a good u rating, because you can insulate directly within the timber frame. There are plenty of options available too, from the traditional to the contemporary. Just contact a reputable timber frame construction company, like http://www.qtfhomes.co.uk/, to see what’s on offer.


The next step from timber frame construction, these structural insulated panels are delivered on site with insulation and interior finish pre-fitted. Airtight and exceptionally good at avoiding cold bridging, they’re usually found in high quality kit homes.

5. Passive homes

This term has been around in Europe for a while and refers to homes with minimal waste and premium build quality. They must meet 6 standards including insulation, mechanical heat recovery and solar heating. Already a voluntary standard in Germany, it’s becoming common across Europe, Ireland and Britain.

6. Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery

As modern homes become more energy efficient and airtight, additional mechanical ventilation is required to remove a build up of stale air and prevent the development of mould. An MVHR system overcomes the problem by introducing fresh air into your house without the loss of heat.

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