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The growth of the VoIP industry is supported by a lively wholesale VoIP route trading market. It is route providers that forge the transaction links and share the revenues between networks across the world.

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The ‘AZ’ in wholesale AZ VoIP termination represents end-to-end connection from call source to destination, anywhere in the world from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe.

This A-Z concept gives internet telephony service providers (ITSPs) – and sometimes the end users themselves – the widest possible choice of VoIP routes, which can differ considerably in price, line quality, speed and availability. ITSPs or major consumers can then select the best routes based upon whatever balance of price and quality they deem acceptable.

Switch quality

It is fairly simple to start a business in this sector, with many market places freely accessible; however, you must first buy or rent a ‘switch’. Not all switches are equal, so be sure to base your business on one from an experienced and high-quality provider. Reliable specialists such as https://www.idtexpress.com/ will happily advise you on the kind of switch you need.

Route quality

In the long run, successful providers are those that maintain the quality and value of the routes they can offer.


A route provider needs to provide a choice of routes that differ by price and quality. It makes little sense for a trader to offer multiple routes that are essentially the same.

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While consumers tolerate far too much snooping on the internet, they will not tolerate it on their phone lines. There are increasingly strict international controls that place high standards on providers to safeguard connections from hacking or interception. Be sure you understand the consequences of failing to provide enough security and the various methods that can be used to guarantee it, such as OTP keys.

The global market

The more destinations you can reach, the more trade you can capture, so be sure to put the ‘AZ’ in wholesale AZ VoIP termination.

Your local market

Keen awareness of competitors is essential for any business. Know who is competing for your customers with similar offers and also which niche markets and services they are not covering – these are your biggest opportunities!

Remember that competitors are also your friends, helping you to see how the market you operate in is developing and moving.

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