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Our bathrooms are functional spaces but that doesn’t mean they can’t be beautiful too. After the kitchen, they are probably the most-visited room of the house especially in the morning when the whole family is trying to get ready. If you regularly have guests, you’ll also want your bathroom to make a pleasing statement, looking hygienic and stylish is equal measure. Here are some tips for sprucing up your important bathroom without breaking the bank:

New Mirror

Mirrors are clever at making a room appear more spacious. They increase light levels, especially if you position one opposite a window. A new mirror can make a big difference to a bathroom and modern mirrors come with a whole range of useful technology including demisting pads, LED lighting and even a Bluetooth connection to your smart phone for listening to music while you bathe or shower.

Soft Close Toilet Seat

Such a simple device but can vastly improve comfort. Annoyed by slamming toilet lids? Soft close lids have sprung hinges to slow them down on closing and noiselessly coming to rest. They are available in both plastic and now wood varieties.

Tile Grout

Discoloured grout can really bring down the overall appearance of a bathroom. Found especially around the shower area, a pinky film accumulates and quickly returns after cleaning. You might even have areas of black mould build-up. Re-grouting the tiles is a quick and easy way of brightening up a room with minimal effort. Whether you grind away the old grout or simply go over the area with a grout pen, you’ll be surprised at what a difference it makes.

New Blinds

Liven up your window dressing with purpose-made waterproof bathroom blinds. These are more hygienic, won’t attract mould or mildew and incredibly low maintenance. For a stunning range of Bathroom Roller Blinds, visit https://www.ucblinds.co.uk/PVC-Waterproof-Bathroom-Blinds/Bathroom-Roller-Blinds-PVC-Waterproof

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Paint Job

Bathrooms are usually quite small spaces, so a quick lick of paint should only take an afternoon. It’s a quick and cheap way to refresh a room and update it at the same time. Light colours are generally the best to choose as they help reflect light around the bathroom.

Add New Accessories

New accessories can be picked up cheaply and are an effective way to change the appearance of a room. Perhaps you might like new, bright towels, a more modern toilet roll holder, new shelves or toothbrush holders. Think about introducing house plants, a new shower curtain or a heated towel rail for example.

Update Flooring

The small area of bathroom flooring makes this an economical choice for refreshing your room. If you still have carpet, consider replacing with more hygienic laminate, vinyl or tile flooring. Vinyl flooring is probably the easiest to install and still feels warm and comfortable underfoot.

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