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Anyone with wall to wall carpeting may wonder how often they need to have it professionally cleaned. To answer that question, you need to consider these three variables: the frequency of foot traffic on your carpet, the number of people living in your home; and the number of pets who live inside the home. Someone who works full-time and doesn’t have any pets will not need to clean his or her carpeting as frequently as those who live in a home with several children and many pets. So, let’s think about each of these variables in order to figure out just how frequently you need your carpeting cleaned by a professional.

For carpeting that experiences little traffic the care and maintenance requirements are minimal and don’t require a lot of time. In homes where there are no children or pets and the adults work full-time outside of the home, carpeting will be lightly soiled. Caring for lightly soiled carpeting involves an occasional spot cleaning, vacuuming once a week, and professional cleaning every two years.

For carpeting that experiences normal traffic the care and maintenance requirements will be a little more time consuming. In homes where children or elderly live, the carpeting will become soiled at a normal rate. Caring for normally soiled carpeting involves regular spot cleaning, vacuuming once or twice a week, and professional cleaning once a year.

Heavily trafficked homes are homes where there are several children and pets, or where there are smokers or adults working from home. The carpets in these homes tend to be heavily soiled and require daily attention to maintain their appearance. These carpets should be vacuumed two to four times a week, checked daily for spots needing cleaning, and have a professional clean the carpeting two times a year.

Extending the life and appearance of your carpeting can be as easy as following these simple steps of care and maintenance. Proper care of carpeting will improve the home’s indoor air quality, which is of benefit to the health of those living in the home. To learn more about how to properly care for your carpet, contact your local carpet cleaning professional.

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