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One of the most popular sports in this country over the last few decades has been ten pin bowling. This slice of Americana has really seeped into the British lifestyle. It’s a great family day/night out especially when its combined with the excitement of the 8 ball pool and the latest Arcade games. Bring together Fries, Burgers and Chicken wings. You could almost feel like you’d stepped into the American Mid West. Bowling is harder on the body than you think especially around the hands and wrists so if you want to take the game up a bit more seriously then a Bowling Wrist Support like the ones you can get at http://www.petesproshop.co.uk/acatalog/wrist-supports.htm might be what you’re looking for. It will aid you in that quest to get a perfect game or at least a few strikes and spares. Why not read on and find out?

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Ten pin bowling grew out of the nine-pin game. This dates back to the time of the Pharaohs where there is archaeological evidence to show that a version of the game was being played back in ancient Egypt. It’s always been something of a sport of Kings as Henry the fifth is reputed to have heaved a few cannon balls at skittles to lighten the mood before entering unto the breech again. There is also the tale of Sir Walter Raleigh who decided that it was more prudent to finish off his game of lawn green bowling before taking on the Spanish armada. That’s certainly confidence for you, history states he lost as well.

Ten Pin bowling was developed in the United States by the Dutch, English and Irish immigrants bringing the nine pin version with them. It’s not until the eighteen forties that the use of Ten Pins began to be used. The reasons are somewhat obscured, but it appears that the addition of a tenth pin came into use after a degree of controversy. The nine pin game was seen as being a game for gamblers and thieves and naturally the law abiding citizens wanted to enjoy the game in peace. It’s not just in the USA that the game is recorded as being played in Great Britain in 1810 are there is a painting to prove it. Whatever the origin locations its certainly true that the German immigrants that came to the USA developed the nine pin game.

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The first indoor bowling lanes were opened in New York called Knickerbockers in 1841. It was to be the start of something huge culminating in the formation of the NBA National Bowling Association. The game is enjoyed all over the world.

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