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There are so many people that are aspiring to be highly successful gamers that are paid for doing what they love. Unfortunately, this is impossible in modern times without taking full advantage of high-end software. In most situations everything starts with streaming for those interested in a gaming career. Fortunately, there is no shortage of video game recording software that can be considered right now. Unfortunately, most programs are way too advanced or consume a lot of resources. An alternative for those that want to record games is Movavi Gecata, a program you should seriously consider using.

Why Movavi Gecata?

Movavi Gecata gives you access to software that has all the features you need. This gives you the possibility to:

  • Capture video gameplay at really high quality, up to 60 frames per second.
  • Add video from your webcam to the footage you record for gameplay.
  • Record the sound from your microphone and/or speakers.

No matter what game you want to record, you are interested in getting the highest possible quality. Movavi Gecata offers that but makes things really simple for the gamer. You basically get to quickly choose absolutely all recording features, ranging from quality to whether or not you want to add sound from your microphone to the footage. All this is done through some simple settings you gain access to in minutes after installing Movavi Gecata.

One of the greatest things about this program is that it is so simple to use. Since you are mostly interested in playing games, Movavi Gecata handles all the recording after a really quick setup. Just go through the parameters and you can start playing. Recording footage is handled in the background while you just enjoy the games and interact with your audience.


Movavi Gecata is one of the software programs that fly under the radar. However, the number of gamers that use it is constantly growing. After you use it for the first time there is a pretty good possibility you will not want to use something else. Movavi Gecata does handle all the tasks that regular gamers need so give it a try and see if this is what you need.

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