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The advertising industry has been renting space in magazines and newspapers to place ads for centuries. In fact this is what finances most publications. Airtime on TV and radio is even more expensive. In internet marketing, media buying refers to buying or renting space on someone else’s website to place advertisements. You would be renting “virtual real estate” rather than physical print space, but the concept is the same.

Starting small allows you to grow your business with minimal investment. You can invest in a small space and run a few different ads, and as you see which ad sells best, you can drop or tweak the others. When your sales from that campaign are satisfactory, again, just like in a TV or magazine campaign, you can proceed to running more ads, or bigger or on more expensive sites.

As with any form of internet marketing, testing is key. Before placing your ad, you will do the same research and planning to target your audience and design your ads. After placing the ads, testing is the next step. Keep track of where you post each ad and when it runs as well as how much you spend on it. After a short time, you can begin monitoring the results for each ad and making adjustments as necessary to optimize all of them.

The ability to target your audience is one of the greatest features of marketing on the internet. As an example, if you market on Facebook, you get to select the populations that will be shown your ads. This includes the location, gender and age, among other things, of the page owners. After your ads start to make sales, you can start placing them on more pages, and increasing the size and frequency of display. Once your reputation as a media buyer is established, you may even be able to run bigger campaigns on credit.

If you are among the many internet marketers who are concerned about relying on Google, media buying may provide the needed balance to your advertising campaigns. The format is different, but the advertising principles are the same whether you are currently advertising online or off. Online marketing has come a long way and is much more sophisticated than it was in the early years with the early and very annoying versions of banners and popups.

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