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In the age of the Internet, you have to have a website in order to compete in your chosen profession. Your problem is that website development probably isn’t in the skill set for your business, so you’re left with the choice of hiring Internet website developers or doing it yourself. The cost to your business of being a “do it yourself-er” is far greater than hiring website professionals, and here are a few reasons why.

First of all, it’s already been established that you won’t be able to compete in your profession for very long without a website. People are relying on the Internet more and more for buying products and services. Whether they’re ordering take-out from the nearby Chinese restaurant or buying upgrades for their computers, chances are that they’re going to look on the Internet first. Since there are so many businesses to choose from, the best website wins.

There’s the real problem for you as a business owner. Doing it yourself means that not only do you have to learn how to build a website (which can take months), but you will have to learn how to build a website that is better than your competition’s. This process can take you several months, and all the while, your business is not being nearly the primary focus it should be.

With Internet website developers, you don’t have to worry about those problems. They’ve already learned the basics of website development, and can keep up to date on the latest trends in tools and techniques. The end result of using a website development professional is that you will have a website that looks like it was done by a professional, not by an amateur.

A common mistake that amateur website builders make that professional Internet website developers don’t is the “bells and whistles” mentality. Things like animated backgrounds and background music detract from the focus of the content, and can seriously slow down the loading time on your website. Most people don’t like waiting, and if a website takes too long to load, they will close the window and move on to the next site. Even something as minor as the font you use for your content makes a big difference. If people have to squint to read your page, they’re less likely to convert into business.

If you’ve researched even a little on how to build a website, you know that there are a lot of website templates out there designed to make website building easy for you. The problem is that many templates are far out of date. A knowing eye can spot these dinosaurs in web development, but the uneducated eye may not. It’s simply not as easy as “knowing what you like” or “liking what you see,” you have to know if it is actually going to work competitively in your business.

Because of all the different elements that go into website design and everything that needs to be done has to be done a certain way, a business owner has a choice. Either they can quit their current job and learn how to be an Internet website developer, or they can stick with the business they already know and hire an Internet website developer to promote their business. After everything is considered, it only seems natural to hire a professional developer to handle that aspect of your business.

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