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While developing a website for your company, you might come across a number of open source software that helps in developing a website. If you are wondering which CMS will be the perfect one for you then you need to have an insight of each of the three most popular ones.

These content management systems are easy to use and there are online communities that help users through different forums with various queries related to web designing. The three noted one are Drupal, WordPress and Joomla. There are free to download and you can use the same seamlessly. These platforms undergo improvement on a regular basis for the convenience of the users across the globe.

Assurance of online support

The choice of a Content Management System depends on your technical expertise, goal of the website, services that you want it to serve and also the budgets for the same. One thing is common for each of these CMS is that all of these are provided support through different online resources and if needed you can also opt for paid support by the designers, developer, consultants and users from different corner of the world. Drupal is known to be the hardest one and is a powerful CMS. WordPress is best for the beginners in web designing and is applicable for small and medium sized websites. Joomla suits well for the e-commerce sites but involve some mount of coding.

Most popular platform

In terms of popularity, the first name that appears on the top of the list of CMS is WordPress. Though it initiated as a platform for blogging, in the recent years it has turned out to be the CMS that is used by almost forty percent websites of the total sites that are present. Features that make it popular are easy installation process, availability of themes, plug-ins and other features that help in creating customized sites. You can install this CMS free of any charge and even if you manually do so then also you can create a website is a short time.

For technically advanced users

The second name in the list is Drupal and this sis specifically for the designers who are technically advanced. You can use this CMS for a blog or for creating a website for a large organization. This is a powerful platform among the three. The pages made of Drupal are known to load fast then that of the other CMS. With the availability of different plug-ins, customization is easy with Drupal. Without paying any charge, you can install the software in the hosting server. To run a website made of Drupal, you require an individual web hosting server.

Combination of two

Joomla is another powerful CMS and the sites based on this are known to run almost on all the servers. You need to have some amount of technical know-how to create the websites. The best part of this CMS is that it aids in creating social media sites. Even creating e-commerce sites is easy with this Content Management System. This open source platform provides support to the online store and makes them easy and fast to load. It is considered to be a midway between the other two Content Management Systems. You can also opt for help from the online communities if there is any query.

Make a wise choice

Depending on the nature of the website, you need to make a wise choice for the CMS. The choice of CMS for a personal blog or websites for startup businesses might differ from that of the sites that need extensive features. Again if you integrate the social networking media to the site then your choice of CMS will be different. Also determine technical abilities prior to choosing the CMS.

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